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The Microsoft Outlook Plugin That Lets You Achieve a Better Sense of Knowing

No more waiting, wondering and following up on emails you've sent.
Kory C
Director Sales & Marketing.
I’m really thrilled with my Zendio plug in. It’s working flawlessly and it’s helping me make some sales. It’s really cool when I see someone click on a link and I can see what it is, when they read the email, try to call them then or email them something at that moment regarding what they just clicked on and it’s definitely improved my conversion rates on email.
Email Tracking It's automatic. No additional steps for you or your recipient. You send an e-mail. They read it. You get notified. With no annoying "Do you want to send a receipt" pop-ups for the reader.
Email Analytics Make better business decisions Useful data-like how quickly your client gets to your email (5 minutes or 4 hours after you sent it) and what time they most often read your emails - helps you make better follow-up decisions.
Custom Stationery Send emails that stand out Send emails that stand out and promote your business with customizable colors, logo, and even your picture.
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