Stationery Creator – An In-Depth Look

Create custom stationery for emails with the Zendio Stationery Creator

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2/5/2013 5:00:00 AM

A common question we get is how Zendio email tracking differs from an email read receipt in Microsoft Outlook. We first addressed this question about a year ago in this blog post, but thought it might be time for a refresher. As we will explain, Zendio offers a far more robust and reliable service when it comes to tracking emails.

Stationery Creator – An In-Depth Look

Create custom stationery for emails with Zendio Stationery Creator. Make as many custom types of stationery as needed: one for day-to-day email correspondence, one just for prospects you email, and one for personal use. There’s no limit to how many variations it’s possible to have.

To launch the stationery creator, click on the “stationery” button located on the Zendio tab in the Microsoft Outlook ribbon.

The welcome screen opens up providing instructions on how to proceed.

Click the “Get Started” button and Zendio will display a list of template category options to choose from. Choose between a custom footer only (like a custom signature) or full email stationery with header and footer. Then click on the business category that best fits your industry or profession (e.g. real estate, law, medical, etc…) and view the template options available within that category.

Choose a template to start the Stationery Creator Wizard for that template.

Use the color drop down at the top of the stationery wizard to change the color scheme of the template. Other pre-made color schemes are accessible using the scroll bar on the right hand side. If additional color schemes are needed, they can be added by click on “add color scheme.”

Once the colors are set, then all personalized information can be added.

Each stationery template has areas for personalization. Active areas available for personalization are outlined as the users mouse hovers over them (see blue outline below). Input information into these active areas.

Once all the active areas have been personalized – the final step prior to previewing new stationery is adding any corporate/professional disclaimers utilized by your business. The most common disclaimer notifies recipients that information received in an email may be confidential and to delete an email received in error.

Not everyone uses a disclaimer so if this is not relevant, skip this step. For those businesses that have a standard disclaimer for emails, the stationery creator has a place to put it. Click on the “disclaimer” tab at the top of the stationery wizard.

Notice that Zendio drops down a new active white box below the template. It is possible to type into this box or cut and paste a disclaimer from an existing email into the stationery creator.

That’s the final step of creating a new stationery. To check items prior to using this stationery, click the preview button at the top of the stationery creator wizard. Then make changes if necessary or click the save button and a box will appear asking for a name for this new stationery. We recommend using a descriptive name, like “general work” or “for prospects” to easily distinguish between various stationeries created.

Once it named, there is an option to make the new stationery the default stationery for all emails.

Choose the “set as your default email stationery” option to include this stationery on all emails. If unsure, it can be changed at a later time so it is not critical to choose this option now.

To start sending emails with this stationery go to Microsoft Outlook and start a new email.

  1. Click Zendio
  2. Click on the Stationery drop down where all stationeries created are listed (if you don’t see a newly created stationery, click the refresh stationery button).
  3. Choose your stationery by name (note: all new emails going forward will use this stationery unless the option for “no stationery” or a different stationery is clicked after sending this one).