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Microsoft Releases Study on Email and Online Communications Habits

3/14/2013 4:00:00 AM recently released an interesting infographic created by Microsoft on the past, present and future of email.

Zendio Email Tracking v Microsoft Email Read Receipts

2/5/2013 5:00:00 AM

A common question we get is how Zendio email tracking differs from an email read receipt in Microsoft Outlook. We first addressed this question about a year ago in this blog post, but thought it might be time for a refresher. As we will explain, Zendio offers a far more robust and reliable service when it comes to tracking emails.

Getting Started with Zendio: The Basics

Once Zendio has been downloaded and installed, Zendio buttons appear in your Outlook ribbon. Use them to get to all of the features Zendio offers. Below are a few tips to get started.

Getting Started Video

We’ve created a 2 minute video to help new users get the most from Zendio. Click on the Zendio tab in your Microsoft Outlook ribbon to take you to your My Account page where the video is located.

Create Stationery (optional)

Have your emails stand out and reinforce your business. Incorporate your business information and logo, corporate colors and even a picture of yourself. To get started, click on the stationery link in your Microsoft outlook toolbar.

The first screen you will see looks like this:

Click the new button on the upper left hand side to scroll through the existing business categories to find the one that best describes your industry. There are lots of email stationery options to choose from within each category.

Once you find an email template you like, you can customize it:

  • Change the color scheme
  • Type in your name, business name and address, and any relevant fields available based on the template you choose.
  • Add a picture (if applicable)
  • Add a link to your website (if applicable)
  • Then click save.

To use your new email stationery – create a new email as you would normally. Prior to sending an email with new stationery, Zendio will prompt you with a reminder like this.

Now by default emails you send will have this stationery incorporated.

Send emails with read and link tracking enabled:

Once you’ve successfully downloaded Zendio email and link tracking options are enabled by default. Upon creating a new email, you’ll notice these buttons are highlighted:

Zendio email and link tracking notifications are enabled requiring no further action on your part. Send emails as you normally would. If you prefer to turn off these features for any particular email, click the highlighted buttons and de-activate.

Once you send an email with Zendio you’ll get an automated notification after the recipient reads it. The read notification is emailed to you, delivered from

Zendio automatically keeps a history of read notifications in your Zendio Inbox. Click on the Tracking button in your Microsoft Outlook Ribbon to search for read receipts past emails sent using Zendio. The ability to search for past read receipts allows you to turn off the automated read receipts from arriving in your inbox.