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Microsoft Releases Study on Email and Online Communications Habits

3/14/2013 4:00:00 AM recently released an interesting infographic created by Microsoft on the past, present and future of email.

Zendio Email Tracking v Microsoft Email Read Receipts

2/5/2013 5:00:00 AM

A common question we get is how Zendio email tracking differs from an email read receipt in Microsoft Outlook. We first addressed this question about a year ago in this blog post, but thought it might be time for a refresher. As we will explain, Zendio offers a far more robust and reliable service when it comes to tracking emails.

You’ll Know What to Expect

The next time your colleague asks if an important prospect or client received an email, you’ll be able to respond with something as detailed as, “I sent it this morning, but he usually doesn’t read his emails until late afternoon, so I’m not anticipating a response until later today or tomorrow at the earliest.”

Zendio Email Analytics gives you powerful insight into the way your business contacts read their emails, so you have a better understanding of when to send emails and even more importantly, when to expect responses.

You’ll Know If They Were Fully Engaged:

We often include links, either as part of our signature or as important information in the body of an email. Zendio Link Tracking automatically notifies you when your recipient clicks on any of those links. You get a separate notification for each link clicked, so you get a clear picture of just how engaged your recipient was with your email.

You Can Spend Your Time Being Productive

Getting an email delivery confirmation is so useful. It frees up your time so you don’t need to send another email, or follow-up an email with a phone call making sure your email arrived. No more debating how long to wait until you call to see if they read your email! With Zendio email tracking, you receive notification when they open it, so you can move on to other more important tasks.

Using Zendio email tracking helps give you a better understanding of what happens to your emails after you send them.