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How Does Zendio Work?
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Microsoft Releases Study on Email and Online Communications Habits

3/14/2013 4:00:00 AM recently released an interesting infographic created by Microsoft on the past, present and future of email.

Zendio Email Tracking v Microsoft Email Read Receipts

2/5/2013 5:00:00 AM

A common question we get is how Zendio email tracking differs from an email read receipt in Microsoft Outlook. We first addressed this question about a year ago in this blog post, but thought it might be time for a refresher. As we will explain, Zendio offers a far more robust and reliable service when it comes to tracking emails.

Learn more about Zendio Email Stationery

Zendio is more than an email tracking software add in for Outlook. It’s the ultimate email tool that helps you make the most of your email communications.

What began as primarily a business tool has become part of our daily lives, both professional and personal. Zendio provides the tools to get your emails message clearly recognized by colleagues and friends alike.

For businesses large or small, we create logos, business cards and even letterhead. The Zendio email stationery creator let's you extend this branding to your emails so all of your communications can have the look and feel of your business.

For personal use, Zendio makes it so easy to change your letterhead or signature to add a personal touch. Incorporate a personal picture, change the theme for the seasons, or include a custom email signature that will make your friends smile. In addition, with the email delivery confirmation, you will know that your friends received your note.

What Makes Zendio Email Stationery Different

Many people set up their own custom footers or signatures, but sometimes the recipient receives these as attachments to the email. This can cause to problems with email delivery since the attachment can cause the email to wind up in a spam folder.

Zendio solves this problem. The stationery comes through as part of your email, not blocked by spam filters.

Tested on over 40 various mail readers, using Zendio means the recipient sees exactly what you intended them to see. It is tested on multiple versions of Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and even mail readers like Lotus Notes, to name a few.

Zendio does not physically embed the images onto your email. These images (the header, footer, and/or signature) reside on a server. Once your email arrives safely in your recipient’s inbox, the email will call out to the server automatically downloading the images for your recipient to see. Since they are not embedded in the email they can’t be blocked or get turned into attachments.

So the next time you send an email, use Zendio. You’ll send an email with custom branding and get an email delivery confirmation!